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We help people to find their dream home. We also assist people to sell their homes at the best price in the quickest time.

Michael Shain is the principal at Shain Properties.

"I ran my own business, Madeira Cane, for over 20 years. During my time there I worked with many interior decorators, designers and architects. So it became natural for me to become involved in the property business. I also gained much experience in strategy, finance, sales and marketing.

I believe that this differentiates us from most other real estate agents. Our business is built on referrals from past clients. They have been extremely happy and satisfied with the level of service we have provided."

What do we do?

We work with people who are thinking of buying or selling a home, and we help them to achieve their goals. We ensure that they are well informed and will make a wise decision.

How do we do it differently?

We find out what our clients' specific needs are. We do this by having a personal meeting with them. We discuss their requirements, and then we work out a solution for them.

We have recently introduced a new service to help sellers to smarten up their homes for sale. We call it our Property Valet Service.

Together with the owner, we agree on the best asking price for the property. We determine whether there are ways we can add value. We might suggest some modest improvements which will enhance the overall appeal to potential buyers.

On receipt of an exclusive mandate, we are willing to cover the costs of the enhancements up to R30,000.00. We will also source the right tradespeople to do the work.

Buying a property?

If you are considering buying a property, we'll ask you some questions about your needs. We'll discuss your choice of location, your budget, schools, shops, place of work and other factors.

We will leave you with a 12-step process of how best to buy a property. Our aim is to make your purchase as seamless and smooth as possible.

Selling a Property?

If you are thinking about selling a property then we will meet with you and discuss the process. We will ask you what your price expectation is. We will show you some market related prices, of similar properties sold or offered for sale in your area.

We will also show you our unique way of determining the value of a property. We will ask if you want to upscale, downscale or relocate. We'll also explain the costs involved in selling.

Then we will work out the approximate net amount that you will receive in your pocket once the property is sold. We will guide you through the whole process so that you feel comfortable from the outset. Then we'll leave you with a 14-step process of how best to showcase your property to sell for the maximum price.

We strive to understand your fears and aspirations, and to give you the information and advice that you need. We enjoy answering any questions you might have, and hopefully in the process we will gain your trust.

We will explain all the benefits of dealing with us.

Connect with us if you are considering buying, selling, renting or investing in a property.